New York Daily News Investigates Psych Funk: “….Now-Again Travels The Globe To Capture Far-Flung Psychedelia.”

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We’re pleased to announce that the New York Daily News was so impressed by our investigations into global psychedelic funk music that they dedicated an article to it. Alongside discussions about our forthcoming Indonesian psych-funk compendium Those Shocking Shaking Days, writer Jim Farber had this to say:

“As it turns out, psychedelia’s glow didn’t only affect musicians in its clichéd epicenters but in places as far off as Ghana, Tehran and Manila all through the ’70s.

Only lately, though, has the full scope of these sounds come to light, many through the efforts of a company called Now-Again Records. Indian-American owner Eothen Alapatt began putting out collections of this swirling music in 2009 with “Forge Your Own Chains: Heavy Psychedelic Ballads and Dirges 1968 to 1974.” It featured mind-bending cuts by period acts born in Colombia, Sweden, South Korea and elsewhere. From there, the company started traipsing the world, territory by territory, to issue in the last year alone collections by psych bands centered in India, Zambia and Indonesia…

…f ew have exceeded Now-Again’s eagerness and breadth, not to mention their sumptuous packaging and obsessively detailed liner notes.”

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  1. Culture is truly an animal of its own nature. “They” say that America is falling from power. I believe we will always have a massive hand in the way of the world. Due to our creative tenacity to make and break styles and movements the world over. America’s special blend of soul and influence in culture are massive powers largely overlooked by the mainstream mindset. If a movement of original love and heart leaves american shore’s its likely journey(in this case time-travel) will become cemented in society or broken down for what it is. I love seeing style reach its arms around the world.

  2. Anto Golem says:

    The comp is great, Farber’s an idiot tho.

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