New York Times includes “Enjoy The Experience” in 2013’s “notable box sets”

Now-Again | Nov. 29, 2013 | News |

Earlier this year, we announced the sale of Enjoy The Experience, on our sister company Sinecure Books. We also helped compile and produce a companion CD and LP anthology with the same name that we distributed alongside the book. It contains masterpieces by the likes of Stephen David Heitkotter (who will see a full-on Now-Again issued retrospective in 2014) and satellite Now-Again artists Dennis The Fox and Gary Wilson. Well, we’re happy to announce – and, ahem, remind you, if you’ve not taken the plunge – that the New York Times has included our Enjoy The Experience compendium in it’s annual holiday gift guide of notable box sets. Jon Caramanica writes:

“Nowadays, it’s easy to make a record at home and invite the world to listen. Five decades ago, the recording and the distribution were tougher, but people still felt the urge to be heard. The songs on “Enjoy the Experience,” an anthology of whimsical and sometimes entertaining selections from private-press releases, are all over the place in genre and quality, but the real gems come in the heavily annotated booklet, with its stories of sister keyboard-competition winners, gospel trumpeters and records made solely to sit in a warehouse as part of a tax scam. This album serves as a companion piece to the book of the same title, which is full of even taller tales.”

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