Rhythm Machine – Rhythm Machine (Deluxe Edition)

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1. Brenda and Me
2. Can’t Do Without You
3. Everybody’s Chippin
4. Lil’s Place
5. Put On A Smile Time
6. Thought My Love Was Fine
7. You Got Action, You Got Me
8. You Make Me Feel Right, Think Right, Do Right
9. Be Yourself *
10. Laying And Playing *
11. You Pay For What You Get*
* Bonus tracks only available on this deluxe edition.

Original sessions produced by Rhythm Machine
Produced for reissues, annotated and with liner notes by Egon.
Restoration and remastering by Sean C. and Mike S. for Traffic Entertainment.
Art direction by Errol Richardson.

CD, LP and Digital. 2012. NA 5058. Note: This version replaces NA 5050.