Rodinia – Ex Anima

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Side A:
1. Non Ex Orbis, Ex Anima (Intro) (Weissenfeldt)
2. Bürgerpark (Schleiermacher)
3. Overtones Of Ling (Weissenfeldt/Schleiermacher)
4. Dark Echoes (Weissenfeldt)

Side B:
1. Neusi (Weissenfeldt)
2. Makifamba (Schleiermacher)
3. Dork Times (Weissenfeldt/Schleiermacher)
4. Drohne Zurück! (Schleiermacher/Weissenfeldt)

Rodinia is:

Johannes Schleiermacher: Synthesizer, Saxophone, Flute, Field Recordings
JJ Whitefield: Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano
Bernd Oeszevim: Drums, Percussion

With Guests:

Marja Burchard – Voice (“Non Ex Orbis”)
Oliver Roth – Flute (“Dark Echoes”)
Simon Ackermann – Double Bass (“Non Ex Orbis”)

Recorded by Schleiermacher & Whitefield at Hermann-Lingg, München
Recorded by Whitefield/Schleiermacher at Hermann-Lingg/Munich and Home/Berlin
Drums recorded by Karl-Erik Enkelmann at Lakeside Studios/Berlin
Mixed by Whitefield/Schleiermacher at Hermann-Lingg/Munich

Produced by JJ Whitefield & Johannes Schleiermacher
Artwork by Jason Jagel. Art direction by Errol Richardson.

LP, CD, Digital. 2016. NA5154.