German Oak – Down In The Bunker

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LP One:

1. Screaming Skeletons
2. Missile Song

1. Belle’s Song
2. Nothing

LP Two:

1. Bear Song
2. Happy Stripes (On Cats)

1. Ghost Guitar
2. Bear Song (Alternate)

LP Three (available only to Now-Again Reserve Edition Subscription Service):

1. Belle’s Song (Extended)

1. Missile Song (Extended)

CD One:
1. Screaming Skeletons
2. Missile Song
3. Belle’s Song
4. Nothing

CD Two:
1. Belle’s Song (Extended)
2. Missile Song (Extended)

CD Three:
1. Bear Song
2. Happy Stripes (On Cats)
3. Ghost Guitar
4. Bear Song (Alternate)
5. Harpy & Peregrine
6. Python Vs. Tiger
7. Giant Rock; Boudler Golem

Original album session for German Oak produced by German Oak, and produced for issue by Manfred “Warlock” Uhr. All other sessions produced by German Oak.

This anthology produced by Eothen Alapatt. Associate production by Stephan Szillus and Mark Taylor. Thanks to Torsten Schmidt.

Restored and remastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters, Los Angeles, USA.
Lacquered by Chris Potter at Electric Mastering, London.
Art Direction by Errol Richardson.
Licensed courtesy German Oak. Special thanks to Brandon and Matt Newberg.

German Oak album originally issued as Bunker Records BU-1 72, circa 1972; “The Third Reich” and “Swastika Rising” originally issued on German Oak, Witch and Warlock CD W&W 004, circa 1990; “Nibelungenlied II: Krimhild & Etzel; Final Fights & Death,” “Gunter & Brunhild” and “Nibelungenlied I: Siegfried & Krimhild” originally issued on Nibelungenlied, Witch and Warlock CD W&W 004, circa 1992; “Missile Song (Extended),” “Belle’s Song (Extended)” and “Happy Stripes (On Cats),” “Bear Song (Alternate)” previously unreleased.

3LP, CD, Digital. Originally issued as part of the Now-Again Reserve Subscription Service. 2017. NA 5151.