Various – Those Shocking Shaking Days

Now-Again | Dec. 19, 2010 | Catalog |

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Panbers – “Haai”
The Brims – “Anti Gandja”
Bad News – “Rollies”
Shark Move – “Evil War”
Golden Wing – “Hear Me”
AKA – “Do What You Like”
IVO’s Group – “That Shocking Shaking Day”
Ariesta Birawa Group – “Didunia Yang Lain”
Terenchem – “Jeritan Cinta”
Benny Soebarjda and Lizard – “Candle Light”
Superkid – “People”
Koes Plus – “Mobil Tua”
The Gang of Harry Roesli – “Don’t Talk About Freedom”
Black Brothers – “Saman Doye”
Rasela – “Pemain Bola”
Freedom of Rhapsodia – “Freedom”
Rythm Kings – “The Promise”
AKA – “Shake Me”
Duo Kribo – “Uang”

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9 Responses to “Various – Those Shocking Shaking Days”

  1. […] Africa, has been getting just as much play. Speaking of Now-Again, they just released an Indonesian psychedelic-funk anthology that I’ll most definitely be endorsing on here in the near future. As my friend Ian would say, […]

  2. Aan says:

    There is wrong title on the last track (#20). The correct title is “Papiku Mamiku” by Murry’s Group. While “Pantun Lama” is the 5th track on the Murry’s Group original album “Sweet Melody” (1977).

  3. Jose says:

    The vinyl version and the cd version have the same number of songs?

  4. Now-Again says:

    Yes, they do – the booklets contain the same information as well!

  5. […] de apresentação da mais recente compilação da Now Again,  Those Shocking Shaking Days (TSSD), esta entrada nas Daily News do site da Red Bull Music Academy é triplamente apetecível: […]

  6. Brian says:

    Since Jason “Moss” Connoy is a Southeast Asian music specialist, and is the main person behind the release of Those Shocking Shaking Days, are there going to be more future various artists compilations of Indonesian rock music, and if so, are they going to be straight reissues of full length albums featured from that compilation?

  7. Now-Again says:

    Jason is working on a series of full length anthologies on bands featured on this album. The first album will be AKA. It’s killer!

  8. andrash says:

    This is a really good compilation!! originaly Im from in Indonesia and now I live in Long beach.. Anyway, about the track #20 its called “papiku mamiku” not “pantun lama.”

  9. Zachary says:

    Trying to decide between the CD and vinyl…I don’t suppose the vinyl comes with a download? Thanks.