Video: Kourosh “Niyayesh” (1977)

With the exception of those that we shot for Brazilian superstar Seu Jorge and those that our Swiss friend Dimlite occasionally assembles, we infrequently present videos here at Now-Again. And, with the exception of the True Soul Revue TV Pilot from 1973, which provided the fodder for our True Soul bonus DVDs, we almost never have footage from our reissue projects.

Which makes this 1977 video for Kourosh’s “Niyayesh” – uncovered and restored by our friend Dario Margeli at – that much more amazing. Yes, it’s a simple video: Kourosh, on a Tehran sound stage, lip synching the words to a song about one man’s amazement of life’s wonders and what will happen to him after his passing. But “Niyayesh” was one of the last videos Kourosh filmed before the Islamic Revolution occurred. Thus, its a wonder that this footage survived at all – and we’re left with a fleeting image of the artist in his prime.

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