Karl Hector & The Malcouns – Can’t Stand The Pressure


1. Roads Of Otumpa (Vocal) feat. Vovotinha (J. Whitefield, Z. Curulija, T. Myland, N. Greffel)
2. Leealeh (J. Whitefield, B. Schiefer)
3. Ngunga Yeti Fofa feat. Nicolas Tounga (N. Tounga, J. Whitefield)
4. Kingdom Of D´mt (J. Whitefield, J. Schleiermacher)
5. Shangold (T. Myland, Z. Curulija, J. Whitefield)
6. Circles (Z. Curulija)
7. Chess Break (J. Whitefield)
8. Ka Rica-Tar (Z. Curulija)
9. Transition X (J. Whitefield, Z. Curulija)
10. Orange (Z. Curulija, J. Whitefield)
11. The Cave (J. Whitefield)
12. Irtijal feat. Mocine Ramdan (J. Whitefield, B. Baral, Z. Curulija, M. Ramdan)
13. Tamanrasset (J. Whitefield, Z. Curulija, T. Myland)
14. J.B. RIP (J. Whitefield, Z. Curulija, T. Myland)
15. Transition G (Z. Curulija)
16. Can´t Stand The Pressure (B. Baral)
17. M´hammath (Live – T. Myland)
18. Coomassi (Z. Curulija)
19. Dege Dub (J. Whitefield, Z. Curulija)
20. Transition F (J. Whitefield, Z. Curulija, T. Myland)
21. Medium Rare Pt. 1 (B. Baral)
22. The Funk (Happysad – J. Whitefield)
23. Beyond Squares (Z. Curulija)
24. Roads Of Otumpa (Instrumental – J. Whitefield, Z. Curulija, T. Myland)

Produced By: JJ Whitefield/Zdenko Curulija/Bo Baral/Thomas Myland
Executive Producer: JJ Whitefield
Mastered by Dave Cooley and Kelly Hibbert for Elysian Masters.
Artwork by Jason Jagel. Art direction by Errol Richardson.

CD, 4LP (W/ Different Tracklist). 2015. NA5137