X-Rated High School Funk – Marvin Whoremonger, LP #3 In Now-Again Reserve Shipping Now!

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15-17 year old Las Vegas high school kids meet a transient vocalist to create X-rated, basement funk. One of the most sought after funk LPs gets shining treatment as part of Now-Again Reserve: a deluxe vinyl subscription. Shipping now!

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Here’s the story of one of funk’s most sought-after albums: Marvin Whoremonger is a concept-piece executed by a Vegas hustler, pairing the troubled musings of a transient vocalist (Marvin Neroes) with the exuberant funk of a teenage trio. Much of the album was recorded in a single take, then embellished by session musicians in Hollywood with synthesizers and a large horn section.

Producer Cholly Willians declared in the liner notes that the album would lead to international stardom for all involved. When Marvin Whoremonger was released in 1976, behind a garish, anonymous jacket, it failed immediately. Forty years later it has aged well, and stands as an immediately accessible – yet bizarre – exercise in late-period, real funk music.

Rob Thomsett will be the fourth release of Now-Again Reserve, set to ship January 18th, 2017/strong>


UPDATE – MoSS’s Records Released From Customs. One Day, One Hour Pop Up Extension At Rappcats

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Friday, October 7, 2016
5636 York Blvd,
Los Angeles CA 90042

Update – as you might have heard, US Customs delayed one box of key LPs for MoSS’s pop up record shop at Rappcats this past Saturday. The box has been released, and all of the records are graded, priced and are staged on the Rappcats wall. If you missed the Atomic Forest Disco Roar or clean WITCH Lazy Bones!! LP’s – amongst a series of rare Zamrock and Ethiopian 45s (Mulatu’s “Yegele Tezeta” with picture sleeve!) – now is your chance to get them. Come by Rappcats this Friday for a one day, one hour Custom Delay Extension of MoSS’s record shop. All Strawberry Rain titles will be $15 each and any used LP’s that didn’t sell at the event will be priced with discounts.

MoSS – pictured above, buying records in Zambia – is a hip hop producer, for the likes of Ghostface Killah and Guilty Simpson. The kind of dude who hangs out with DJ Premier – and, in his spare time, scours the globe for the most awesome and obscure World Rock, Funk and Folk albums, which he issues on his Strawberry Rain imprint. The likes of the incredible Thai Caravan, Indonesia’s hard rock kings AKA and Zamrock hero Keith Mlevhu have all been issued on MoSS’s imprint.

He met Egon when he sold him a record by South Korean psych gods He 6. The two started collaborating on reissues with their joint effort Those Shocking Shaking Days, Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock And Funk. They’ve continued working together on many of Now-Again’s Zamrock reissues, including the forthcoming Welcome To Zamrock anthologies.

MoSS is a quiet record dealer: he’s a collector more than a dealer, but he sells to everyone from psych druid Hans Pokora – with whom he edited the last of the lauded Record Collector Dreams rock bibles – to Madlib, Jake One and Diamond D. For this special pop up he’s bringing everything from classic funk to rare library LP’s to grail-level World rock LP’s – along with the entirety of his Strawberry Rain run, including many limited edition albums.

The next two pop up record shops at Rappcats:

October 13-15: The Numero Group Factory Outlet Tour and Rob Sevier’s Record Collection
October 28-29: Mr. Bongo’s Record Collection of Global Grooves/Arthur Verocai Celebration


Shipping Now: Kaleidoscope’s Late 60s Puerto Rican Garage Psych Rock Masterpiece

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If you’re a frequent visitor to this site, then this is not the first time that you’ve heard of Kaleidoscope. You know, for instance, that this is the Kaleidoscope whose roots are in Puerto Rican teenage garage rockers, whose sole album was recorded in the Dominican Republic at the high-point of the flower power era, which album was only ever pressed in a miniscule run in Mexico in 1969.

You know it’s now one of the most sought after rock artifacts on the planet. And you know, because you read about it when we mentioned it, that their “Let Me Try” was sampled by Just Blaze for Beyonce’s “Freedom.”

But you’re probably just hearing that Kaleidoscope is now remastered and reissued with an extensive, photo-filled booklet with the story of the band and their album by historian Enrique Rivas Viniegra. And with a cool new cover to boot. Not that the original wasn’t great (in fact we think it was superb – but you can read about that in the liner notes.


Warehouse Find – Stark Reality Tee Shirts

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Buy via our webstore at rappcats.com.

Back in 2003, Jeff Jank designed these tee shirts for Egon’s Stones Throw Records Stark Reality compilation Now. Our merch partner from those days, The Giant Peach, found a small stack of these as they changed warehouses last month. They sent ’em our way and we’re blowing ’em out. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

If you’ve not heard this band’s wondrous music yet, you can download a track here – and watch a video clip of the performance of the same song on the WGBH Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop program, which aired for an unbelievable season in the early 1970s. Imagine being a kid on that show. C’mon now.

Stark Reality’s two essential LPs Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop and Roller Coaster Ride are available as stand-alone LP’s, and come with a download card for all tracks and a digital version of the extensive booklet we presented in our box set.

R.I.P Damon

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Damon – born David Del Conte – died in his sleep in his San Juan Capistrano, California home in June 2016. He was 75 years old.

As any visitor to this site, or fan of this label, knows Damon’s Song of a Gypsy is one of our favorite albums of all time. We reissued it in what we hope is its definitive form, as a pitch-corrected LP (the first, “deluxe” edition came with a second disc of bonus material) and as a hardbound 2 CD casebook that contained the entirety of Damon’s recorded works. If you missed it, you can still find copies via our webstore at Rappcats. Listen to one of our favorite songs from the album via our Soundcloud – “Don’t You Feel Me:”

If you’re unaware of the entirety of Song of a Gypsy’s genius, we suggest you revisit Sixteen Things We Know About Damon, a short film by Andrew Gura. It’s a voice and music driven story that uses animated archival stills, stock footage and typography, lo-fi textures, left-field sound design to tell the nearly impossible backstory behind Damon’s masterpiece – one that encapsulates the last bloom of the flower power movement before it decayed into the haze of the ‘70s underground. It traces the arch of a pop hopeful descending into chaos, becoming the tortured soul who would create an LP to file alongside works by other lost greats of the late ‘60s, from Shuggie Otis to Rodriguez.

We’ll miss you Damon, and never will forget the lessons you taught us, nor will your music ever cease to inspire us.

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