Photos: One Step Closer To Our Heitkotter Reissue

Now-Again | Jun. 4, 2013 | Photographs |

Late last year, we announced that we were working on an expanded issue of Stephen David Heitkotter’s legendary album, known colloquially as Heitkotter. And we mentioned that we were “hot on the heels” of some unreleased material from the sessions – held at Heitkotter’s Old Fresno craftsman circa 1971. Well, the drummer on the album and those sessions – Ross Dwelle – found the two reels that he recorded with Heitkotter prior to the album’s creation, he traveled down to L.A. with the tapes, and we transferred them at History of Recorded Sound. Andrew Gura was there to document the proceedings. More news coming soon.


Oh No – Oh No Vs. Now-Again 2

Now-Again | Jun. 1, 2013 | Catalog |

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Produced and Recorded by Oh No at The Smash, Oxnard CA. Art by Errol Richardson. Mastered by Mike Sampson.


1. Are We?
2. Hear Me
3. Bar Fights
4. Winters Sweet
5. Beautiful Swamp
6. Doin’ My Own
7. Just Trippin’
8. The Grime
9. Wayward Dream
10. The Calling
11. Sometimes
12. War Dance
13. Curb Fluids
14. Sun Walker
15. Gravitations
16. Psalms
17. Yeah
18. Forgive Me
19. Spring Clean

NAML 007 CD 2013

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