Announcing: Dimlite

Now-Again | Feb. 28, 2010 | News |

Did we mention we signed Swiss producer (and now vocalist) Dimlite? We think we did. We’re releasing a rather-excellent long play that we’ll call an “extended play” in Spring.

But we wanted to give you a little something in the meantime and this lovely take on Gap Mangione’s “Diana In The Autumn Wind,” which he calls “Diana Won’t,” comes just in time to celebrate Dilla-month. So here we go. Expect to hear more from Dimlite soon, and, if you’re in the London-area, don’t miss him at Flying Lotus’s/Red Bull Music Academy’s Brainfeeder on Saturday March 10th at Fabric.

Download: Dimlite “Diana Won’t.”

7 Responses to “Announcing: Dimlite”

  1. keT. says:

    congrats to dimoboss!!…..very excited to hear newcoming projects on nowagainrecords!!!…bests!

  2. john says:

    amazingh! love dimlite –

  3. [Doc] says:

    Dim is my favourite producer right now. his latest single is insane!

  4. alessandro says:

    can’t wait to hear the new lp from dimlite. And a big thank you to now again records. One of the best labels ever!!!

  5. Shenaaz says:

    Cant Wait!!!!!!!!!

  6. […] (ridiculous Actress remix), James Blake, The Bug, 7even and Equalized. And some freebies from Dimlite, Madlib and Joob. Phew. Better get on the download […]

  7. Mambo says:

    GREAT ! Heard this live in Club Trouw, wanted it eversince. Just can’t wait for the Prismic Tops EP. Dimlite FTW !!

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