Announcing: Stark Reality “Acting, Thinking, Feeling” Complete Works 6LP/3CD Box Set.

Now-Again | Sep. 14, 2012 | News |

Acting, Thinking, Feeling: the Stark Reality’s complete works coming Feb. 5th, 2013 as a 6LP/3CD box set.

Earlier this year, we announced we were preparing to present the complete works of psychedelic jazz ensemble Stark Reality’s complete works as a box set. Well, we’re happy to announce that both the 6LP and 3CD versions of this anthology – which we’re calling Acting, Thinking, Feeling – are now in production.

This marks the first time that all of Stark Reality’s music will be available on vinyl and CD. Included will be the entirety of their AJP-issued album The Stark Reality Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop, their out-of-print 1969 (first issued on this label in 2003), the two sides of their Big Yellow 7″ single, the three part song “Acting, Thinking, Feeling” and a series of unreleased tracks discovered by Porter Records’ Luke Mosling – issued here for the first time!

While we have yet to set a street date (we’re hoping for late 2012 or early 2013), our loyal Now-Again Deluxe subscribers will be able to feast their ears on this band’s impossible to categorize, yet undeniable sound – restored and remastered from brand new master tape transfers in two installments, starting on October 30th.

More information, pictures of the box set packaging, and a free download to come.

12 Responses to “Announcing: Stark Reality “Acting, Thinking, Feeling” Complete Works 6LP/3CD Box Set.”

  1. Will says:

    Will you have a pre-order available?

  2. mads says:

    jep. gi mi da shiiiiiiiz now

  3. macaca says:

    best release of the year. hands down.

  4. Egon says:

    Yes – in the same way that we handled the WITCH pre-sale, we’ll offer up Stark Reality just as soon as it’s in our hands!

  5. Orie says:

    Will this get UK distribution from UK based record/online shops or just from the Now Again site? Thanks!

  6. Now-Again says:

    Yes, it should be available extensively throughout the UK in both formats!

  7. Alex Cooper says:

    Woo! Go Luke! Porter rules!!!

  8. Will says:

    Thanks Egon!

  9. boon @ judo chop says:

    i want! lovely.

  10. Nikolai says:

    Great work guys, just what I was waiting for, best reissue 2013 so far!!!

    And how about a DVD release on NOW AGAIN of Hoagy Carmichael’s music shop the complete series. Would really love to see all episodes.

    Do you think there’s a possibility in that?

  11. Patrick says:

    What has happend to the band now what are the members doing anyone know?

  12. Now-Again says:

    Sadly, both Monty and Vinnie have passed, but John and Phil are alive and well….

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