Serge Week, Day Four: Cannabis OST – “Danger”

Now-Again | Apr. 18, 2010 | Picks |

Listen: “Danger.”

Serge Gainsbourg with Jean Claude Vannier: “Danger”

The Cannabis soundtrack, long a holy-grail for those mystified by Serge’s funky side, has finally seen reissue. Now, this important bookend, which follows the Gainsbourg/Vannier masterpiece Histoire De Melody Nelson, can be appreciated by all. But, while the album contains orchestral rock ballads that would make an 80s metal band blush, this beautiful bit of drama can’t be topped. Well, maybe the films opening scene of Serge, decked out in flared trousers and a fur coat that contained the pelts of dozens of small animals, walking armed amidst a sea of dead, naked women tops it. “Danger,” indeed.

The version presented here is an edit of the song, originally issued on the anthology Les Annees Psychedeliques, now, sadly, out of print.