Photos: Apple Rehearses With The Breakestra In Los Angeles

No, it’s not confirmed that there will be an Ed “Apple” Nelson gig in LA supported by The Breakestra. We’re just saying that, over the past thirteen years, stranger things have happened (as examples: the Funky 16 Corners live in 2001, featuring members of The Highlighters, Leroy and The Drivers, Co-Real Artists and Bernard “Spider” Harrison himself; the L.A. Carnival live in 2003, featuring leader Lester Abrams and lead vocalist Leslie Smith). We’re just saying that Apple can still beat out that Arthur Monday “What Comes Around Goes Around” beat pretty damn good – as proved at a three hour rehearsal that Breakestra leader Miles Tackett held at his Highland Park house this past Friday. And we have the pictures to prove it.


Photos: Egon on tour with Madlib, China 2013

Last week, we posted photos from the Japanese portion of Egon and Madlib’s 2013 Asian Tour. Here are the photos from China: where the only records to be found are in a plastic recycling plant two hours south of Shanghai; where the smog is so hazy it hurts to breathe; where – in Chengdu, in the heart of Szechuan – the chicken heart and stomach dish is so spicy hurts to eat (but the rabbit, blackened with Szechuan peppercorns, is just fine); where – in Beijing, of course – Peking Duck is better than anywhere; where – at Shelter, in Shanghai – there exists one of the current best nightclubs in the world, where hundreds of Chinese folks and a smattering of ex-pats proved they could get down with all of the psychedelic sounds that you’d expect at a Madlib Medicine Show tour stop.


Zamrock at Transmusicales Festival/Rennes, France

As detailed in yesterday’s issue of Le Monde (“Can You Dance The Zamrock” by Stephanie Binet), WITCH’s “Jagari” Chanda and Rikki Ililonga are on their way to Rennes, France to perform an exclusive set of their Zamrock classics at Jean-Louis Brossard’s Transmuicales Festival. They will be backed by Karl Hector & The Malcouns. This is the first Zamrock performance outside of Zambia in over thirty-five years.

Above and below you can see some images shot by South African filmmaker Calum MacNaughton, who was with Chanda and Ililonga filming scenes for a forthcoming Zamrock documentary when he snapped these shots of the duo in rehearsal. More photos to come soon.

A special thanks to Ludivine Gretere for making this event possible.


Photos: Egon In Dust And Grooves

It should come as no surprise to the regular visitor to this site that photographer Eilon Paz’s Dust and Grooves project is one that sits close to our hearts. His photographs of record collectors in their personal spaces are amongst the best we’ve ever seen and his forthcoming book – which you can read more about on the Dust and Grooves website – is some of the most anticipated printed matter we at Now-Again have ever wished for.

Thus, when Paz came to L.A. this week and asked to shoot Egon at his Eagle Rock home, how could he say no? The photos, above and below, are from that shoot and will be part of the book, which features collectors and their collections from the world over.

More info: the Dust and Grooves website.