Coming Soon – “Tuck In With…” The Natural Yogurt Band

Now-Again | Sep. 29, 2010 | News |

More funky weirdness from our favorite band with the oddest name. Art by Errol Richardson. Release date TBA.

4 Responses to “Coming Soon – “Tuck In With…” The Natural Yogurt Band”

  1. fruit yoghurt man says:

    please drop it! let us hear some snippets!!!

  2. Is this split with jazzman guys?

  3. Now-Again says:

    Yes, indeed it is. However, we’re going to be issuing this for the world ourselves…..

  4. jamie says:

    ive decided to only buy the analogue 7 inch records from now on why ? cause i enjoy them so much more analogue is rawer offers totally separate sound levels throughout and the full BOTTOM end hits you like a hammer in your chest if you play it loud lol cds cant do it or tell it like it really was,cold heat + funky 16 corners probably have the best line up of talent on funk comps i know talent you guys know your stuff hands down but thats not how i want to hear it on vinyl guys,i want the full sound spectrum without overdubs from jamie a musician

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