Download Cards: Now Available With Every Now-Again LP

Now-Again | Mar. 24, 2013 | News |

If you purchased our Stark Reality box set or Apple and The Three Oranges LP, you undoubtably noticed a big change in our vinyl packages. Well, you actually didn’t even need to purchase them, you just needed to look at their stickers: we’re now including download cards with every Now-Again EP and LP. Yes, this is due to “popular demand” and is another example of us taking what you suggest seriously.

38 Responses to “Download Cards: Now Available With Every Now-Again LP”

  1. DJ M says:

    How about a Now Again web store? I like to support the labels I admire directly and buy from the source whenever possible. It would be grand to be able to buy vinyl direct from Now Again.

  2. Now-Again says:

    Coming within the next two months DJ M!

  3. milliondollars says:

    that download codes are a great idea! many thanks…

  4. Salts says:

    Hope these codes work internationally!!

  5. Bill Bowman says:

    It’s a great idea, even for those of us who have audio transfer programs; however, the code on the card I received doesn’t work in New Orleans USA. I don’t know why not,

  6. Pascal says:

    impossible to find the link : for your ref:NA 5107 (Damon)

    My code is :UAKUF55K

    Thanks for your support

  7. carlo says:

    In Belgium impossible to download the Damon lp “Song for a gypsy”. Where to find the link? Thanks

  8. Samir says:

    how does this work….I can´t find the download section for the album “winter winds” by p.e. hewitt jazz ensemble

  9. franck Darmon says:

    I can’t find the downloading section for the new Heliocentrics/Melvin Van Peebles LP.
    Can you help me ?

  10. Robert says:

    Cannot find the download section either. Any support?

  11. Now-Again says:

    Robert, Denvo, please email me at

  12. Barry says:

    I purchased my Sure shot singles from jazzman Records and I have mp3 download cards, but where do you you enter the download code? Your website does not provide any information but the cards tell me this is where I should get them. Help please.

  13. Now-Again says:

    There should be a URL on the card, Barry. If you’ve problems, email me at

  14. Luis says:

    I can’t find the downloading section for the Heliocentrics “Quatermass Sessions 1″ LP.
    Can you help me ?

  15. no download link toataly bullshit
    no reply will not be uesing now or again!!!!!

  16. maccarinelli says:

    where are the downloads?
    i have a code with LP DAMON – SONG OF A GYPSY….

    not serious…

  17. Naufal says:

    i cant’t find any link for use my code download?

  18. Horst says:


    I bought several vinyl albums, where I can use my download codes?

    Thank you,

  19. Steve says:

    Looking for download code G5E92FDT


  20. Nancy says:

    hi i bought the vinyl ,

    where is the download link for NA5122
    can’t see how here
    or do u go to checkout ?


  21. andrea misseri says:

    my two cards dont work in italy site ,the albums is about

    seems all people cant here

  22. Heinz Heinzer says:

    Hi, can`t find a downloadlink for 24M8MWH5. Thanks for help

  23. frank says:


    I bought a vinyl “the heliocentrics & melvin van peebles – the last transmission”. announced with a download card NA 5118-LP included, no card inside.
    Could you please send a working downlink link with a code.

  24. Daniel Jenny says:

    How can I find the Download section for Musi-O-Tunya: Give love … Thanks!

  25. Teebee says:

    Now and again…
    Well just to say BIGUPZ for reissuing THE STARK REALITY!
    As a vinyl beat junkie you have saved me a ton of £££!!!!
    I must say though and not wishing to sound like a bummbaclarrt whinger BUT tend to agree with all the comments posted previous… How do I enter the download card details?????
    I wanted to send the download to a friend who is tight fo cash this time of year ie xmas blah blah blahizmz!!
    Egon please amend my friend…

    Peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MrTaz UK beat collector and selectorrrrrrrrrrrr

  26. amos says:

    Amanaz!!! where’s the download?

  27. marco says:

    hello…i bought regularly quatermass sessions 1 but i can’t find the download…why it’s so hard to find (if it exists)???

  28. Chris says:

    HiI justg got – Wake Up You The Rise And Fall of Nigerian Rock and there is no dl card included.
    What can i do?

  29. Hello!
    I’m from Brazil

  30. hello, i’m from Brazil

  31. Hey folks,

    I have a download card for The Heliocentrics From the Deep LP that I’d like to access. I purchased the vinyl earlier this year, tried to download it, no luck. Decided to wait and sit on the card until I got a new computer.
    The computer works well (excellent, even) but I can’t seem to find the site where one enters their download code. Please help. The Heliocentrics might be my new favorite band, and this release of killer tracks is essential.
    Thank you for your time.

  32. Grego says:

    I have a download card for Well Fargo…Where do I redeem my download if not here? Help please!


  33. MO says:

    Seems to be a common theme.

    I have download card but site doesn’t have an obvious place to download. Please assist.


  34. Ludovic De Treouville says:

    I have download card but site doesn’t have an obvious place to download. Please assist.

  35. Daniel Jenny says:

    Can find the place for download German Oak I have a little download cart with Code. Thanks for help!

  36. Theo Horsten says:

    Have a download card received with the album Song of a Gypsy from Damon
    NA 5107-LP-ST2
    How can I download same?

  37. Els says:

    As many before me, so it seems, I cannot find the download section.
    What should I do?

    Thank you

  38. Daniel Jenny says:

    Hello Can’t find the download for stark reality: I can’t use my code. Please help. Thanks!

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