Fabiano do Nascimento – YKYTU

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The Brasilian guitarist’s first album of solo guitar, in which he overdubs, effects and alters this 10, 7 and 6 strings in a manner equally meditative and exhilarating.


Side A:

01. Curumim (Fabiano do Nascimento)
02. Meditação (Fabiano do Nascimento)
03. Novo dia (Fabiano do Nascimento)
04. Noite (Fabiano do Nascimento)
05. Stalagmites (Fabiano do Nascimento)
06. Ykytu (Fabiano do Nascimento)

Side B:

07. Pelas ruas (Fabiano do Nascimento)
08. Alta Paz (Quique Sinesi)
09. Corrida (Fabiano do Nascimento)
10. Flower of Life (Fabiano do Nascimento)
11. Planalto (Daniel Santiago)
12. Rio Tapajós (Fabiano do Nascimento)

Fabiano do Nascimento – 10 String Guitar, 7 String Guitar, 6 String Guitar, Soprano Guitar, Vocals and Effects Produced, engineered and mixed by Jason Hiller
Compositions and arrangements by Fabiano do NascimentoMastered by Jason Bitner
Photographs by Laura-Lynn Petrick
Art direction by Errol Richardson
Recorded at Electrosound, LA, CA.
Executive produced by Eothen Alapatt

LP, CD, Digital. 2021. NA5220