Helios X GLK Redux

Now-Again | May. 6, 2013 | News |

Free stream/download: Gaslamp Killer Vs. Heliocentrics!

You might have already caught the stream at Rolling Stone or the download at our future web-retailer Rappcats… you might have even read Gaslamp Killer’s words about why this mix is so important to him, personally, on his Tumblr…. but, if you didn’t, you can now feast your ears on what happens when a psychedelic DJ like GLK gets a second stab at the catalog of the Heliocentrics. Of course it’s mayhem, but you already knew that. And it’s a damn good listen all of the way through.

We’ve been talking about making a limited amount of these available on vinyl and we’re pretty damn sure we’re going to do so. More info to come soon.

Download: Helios X GLK via Rappcats
Buy: Heliocentrics 13 Degrees of Reality on Rappcats.

4 Responses to “Helios X GLK Redux”

  1. DJ M says:

    Yes, put this on vinyl please

  2. bart geldhof says:

    can i preorder a vinyl?? ;)
    will is awesome as ever

  3. mark says:

    don’t see a point to this other than promoting the album. i prefer original music more than dj mixes

  4. Asynchronous says:

    Didn’t want the ironic post above to be the last one here
    Hope your feeling better :)

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