J.Rocc – Cold Heat Funk Mix

J.Rocc makes it a point to get his hands on any and every slice of essential vinyl that comes out each year, to add to his already ocean-deep crates of funk. With 2004’s definitive compilation of Now-Again Records’ heavy funk rarities, Cold Heat Vol. 1, J.Rocc had to take it one step further and do a two-part mega-mix.

Following in the lineage of his two now classic 12-inches on Stones Throw, breakbeats abound on J.Rocc’s hard-hitting, fast-paced, DJ-oriented mix. All samples and drumbeats derive from songs released on Cold Heat Vol. 1 and Now-Again Records – cutting and pasting the trademark Now-Again brand of heavy heavy raw funk from 1968-1974 into a hip hop format. J.Rocc’s mix appeals to lovers of classic funky soul with a taste for neck-snapping drums and dance-floor energy.


Side A
A1.Cold Heat Funk Mix Pt. 1

Side B
A1.Cold Heat Funk Mix Pt. 2

Produced by J.Rocc for Beat Junkies Sound

12″ Single (#1 of 2) 2006. NA5021.