LA Weekly and LA Times on Fela: Black Man’s Cry

Yeah, we bemoan the state of American journalism too often ’round here. But every once in a while we read some (ahem) complimentary pieces and we have to reassess our position.

This past week, both the LA Weekly and the LA Times ran pieces on our Black Man’s Cry anthology, released on 2/23. Well, the LA Weekly piece was an overall piece on the label, but we’re never that self-congratulatory. Here’s an excerpt from the LA Times piece:

“Perhaps seeking to provide further context to this ongoing Fela-palooza, the rare-groove and hip-hop label Now-Again explores Fela’s broad influence with “Black Man’s Cry: The Inspiration of Fela Kuti,” coming out Tuesday. Sumptuously packaged like a hardcover book, the album collects rare and previously unreleased recordings by artists from Fela’s heyday and after who followed in his footsteps around the world.”

Read the LA Times piece by clicking here.
Read the LA Weekly piece by clicking here.

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