X-Rated High School Funk – Marvin Whoremonger, LP #3 In Now-Again Reserve Shipping Now!

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15-17 year old Las Vegas high school kids meet a transient vocalist to create X-rated, basement funk. One of the most sought after funk LPs gets shining treatment as part of Now-Again Reserve: a deluxe vinyl subscription. Shipping now!

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Here’s the story of one of funk’s most sought-after albums: Marvin Whoremonger is a concept-piece executed by a Vegas hustler, pairing the troubled musings of a transient vocalist (Marvin Neroes) with the exuberant funk of a teenage trio. Much of the album was recorded in a single take, then embellished by session musicians in Hollywood with synthesizers and a large horn section.

Producer Cholly Willians declared in the liner notes that the album would lead to international stardom for all involved. When Marvin Whoremonger was released in 1976, behind a garish, anonymous jacket, it failed immediately. Forty years later it has aged well, and stands as an immediately accessible – yet bizarre – exercise in late-period, real funk music.

Rob Thomsett will be the fourth release of Now-Again Reserve, set to ship January 18th, 2017/strong>

4 Responses to “X-Rated High School Funk – Marvin Whoremonger, LP #3 In Now-Again Reserve Shipping Now!”

  1. Soulparanos says:

    Salute now again crew !!

    finally someone release this hard to find vinyl !! thank you guys

    long life :)) peace

  2. Yo says:

    Back cover looks like Magnum with Astrological sign coming with the musicians.
    Can’t wait to finally listen to this supposed masterpiece

    Egon, you rock

  3. Hans says:

    Great!! But is this subscription only? I don’t hope so!

  4. $$$ says:

    Just to put it out there… you guys are losing a lot of business with these subscription only releases. There’s a couple albums I and plenty of friends of mine would purchase but we’re not interested in joining a club and paying a premium for releases we’re not interested in. I know several folks who already purchased WEO from that other label because of this.

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