Update: Ngozi Family Anthology

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We know you’ve been waiting patiently for our Paul Ngozi and The Ngozi Family anthology – it’s certainly been one of the most complicated and intensive investigations we’ve done of one group’s music, and it looks like we’ll have it out in early to mid 2014. So, as a primer, we’re presenting you with a selection of songs from one of our favorite albums from Ngozi’s classic period – 45,000 Volts – available in two weeks via Now-Again Deluxe at Drip.fm. In this four track sampler, you’ll get a feel for where Ngozi headed with his third album: the template for his sound had changed, as he’d found a polished-yet-rugged middleground; he’d encompassed punk, funk and hard rock into his sound; he’d started hinting at the direction his later 70s albums would head, with tracks that can only be described as Zamrock-meets-Kalindula hybrids.

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12 Responses to “Update: Ngozi Family Anthology”

  1. milliondollars says:

    great news!
    does the anthology contain full albums or is it “just a selection”?

  2. Egon says:

    It will be an overview – if we were to release the entire albums, we’d easily fill up six CDS!

  3. Bucci says:

    man, thats such good news

  4. Osian says:

    Vinyl release too I take it??

  5. Egon says:

    Osian – of course.

  6. Shane says:

    Any plans after the anthology is released to reissue the individual solo albums in their entirety?

  7. Egon says:

    Hey Shane – perhaps some of them: this organization recorded so many songs that a comprehensive reissue of their entire works would take many more years than this has!

  8. Jason says:

    Will “Give me a Hand” be on it? My band did a cover of that track back in 2008 ;)

    Is their “Heavy Metal” LP infact heavy metal?

  9. Now-Again says:

    “Heavy Metal” is a bit of a later period – read phased fuzz – take on the mid 70s Ngozi Family sound. And what album is “Give Me A Hand” on, originally?

  10. Jason says:

    *after a thorough google search, I can’t finy any “Phased Fuzz” at all. do u have a link?

  11. Simwinji says:

    Hi Egon, am pleased some of Pauls works are coming out ‘now-again’. Am now in England but…; At one time I used to live down the road from him in an area of Lusaka called Libala and he was such a funny and engaging guy when I would call on him. As an upcoming musician he was always willing to give some ‘insider’ tips on the nascent Zambian music business. My group MAOMA once found itself doing some gigs, in a small provincial town called Choma, at the same time as The Ngozi Family. Audiences were split to say the least.As ever the shrewd business aware guy he was, Paul suggested we join forces, or pool resources, and share the billing at our venue so that everyone could come to one place. We alternated sets through the night and it worked! To my regret, there is no recording or even photo’s of those three nights we shared in Choma town. Still, your releases will rejig the memories. Good ones. Thanks!!
    Sorry for the longish winding reminisce, but hey, we all have our little soundtracks.

  12. Corey Echols says:

    Any news on this?

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