Oneness of Juju – Space Jungle Luv

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Side A:
1. River Luv Rite (Lon Moshe, Plunky Nkabinde, Muzi Nkabinde, Melvin Glover, Ronnie Toler, Eka-Ete, Allababa)
2. Follow Me (Plunky Nkabinde, Ronnie Toler, Eka-Ete)
3. Soul Love Now (Plunky Nkabinde, Muzi Nkabinde)

Side B:
1. Space Jungle Funk (Melvin Glover, Plunky Nkabinde)
2. The Connection (Plunky Nkabinde)
3. Love’s Messenger (Melvin Glover, Eka-Ete)

All songs published by Shekere Music (BMI)

Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Electric Saxophone, Flute, Vocals – Plunky Nkabinde
Piano – Joe Bonner
Drums – Babatunde
Marimba – Lon Moshe
Piano – Al-Hammel Rasul
Vocals – Al Hammel Rasul, Babatunde
Bass, Artwork – Muzi Nkabinde
Congas – Rafael Solano, Richard “Dick” Watkins
Drums – Ronnie Toler
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – Melvin “Slyp” Glover
Lead Vocals, Vocals – Eka-Ete*
Percussion – Muzi Nkabinde, Plunky Nkabinde, Richard “Dick” Watkins
Timbales – Alfredo Mojica

Recorded on June 4th, 1976 at Bias Recording Studios; Falls Church, Va by Robert Dawson and Millard “Jim” Watkins. Remixed by Robert Dawson and Plunky Nkabinde.

Arranged by Oneness of Juju

Original sessions produced by James “Jimmy” Gray and Plunky Nkabinde for Black Fire Productions. Originally issued on Black Fire Records, BF-19754, in 1976.

This version of the album produced by Eothen Alapatt. Associate production by Cameron Schaefer, with special thanks to Kevin Coombes. A side lacquered directly from the original analog master tape, B side lacquered from first generation flat DAT transfer by Bernie Grundman. Liner notes by Kevin Coombes. Art Direction by Errol Richardson. Licensed courtesy of James “Plunky Nkabinde” Branch.

LP, Digital. 2019. NA5177 (Anthology Box Set version NA5192).