Richard Marks – Love Is Gone

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This album was part of the Now-Again Reserve Edition subscription series.

LP Tracklist:

Side A:
1. Your Friends (Broke Up My Home)
2. Trying To Survive
3. It’s Been Kinda Hard
4. Down On Broadway
5. I’m The Man For You (Master Tape Version)
6. Crackerjack (Master Tape Version)
7. Never Satisfied (Master Tape Version)

Side B:
1. Love And Hate
2. Don’t Need Your Love
3. I’m With You Love (Acoustic Version)
4. Coming Back Home To You
5. People In The World Today
6. Simple, Carefree Life
7. Challenge To A Pretty Woman

Side C:
1. On A Minors Tour
2. I Don’t Want To Cry
3. Love Is Gone (Alternate Version)
4. Speak Now (Alternate Version)
5. Don’t Take It Out On Me
6. China Doll (Extended Version)

Side D:
1. Freeway Crowd (Instrumental)
2. Working Hard (Instrumental)
3. China Doll (Short Version)
4. She’s A Real Woman
5. Untitled (Instrumental)
6. Sugar, Sugar (How I Want To Be Your Man)

Side E: (Only available to Now-Again Reserve Edition Subscription Service subscribers)
1. Love Is Gone (Alternate Version Two)
2. Weaker Than Love, Stronger Than Temptation
3. Mistreated / Defeated
4. Picture Baby (Alternate Version)
5. Party!

Side F: (Only available to Now-Again Reserve Edition Subscription Service subscribers)
1. I Can’t Stand (Being Without You)
2. Picture Baby (Alternate Version Two)
3. A World Of Plenty
4. We Could Be Together Until Eternity
5. Give Me The Problem That Money Won’t Solve

CD Tracklist:
LP sides A, B, and C – CD 1
LP sides D, E and F – CD 2

Original sessions produced by Richard Marks and others.
This compilation produced by Eothen Alapatt; researched by Brian Poust and Eothen Alapatt with liner notes and annotation by Brian Poust.

All songs licensed courtesy Catherine Marks and Terrence Marks.

Restoration and remastering by Jason Bitner for Elysian Masters, Los Angeles.

Art direction by Errol F. Richardson.

Photos and ephemera courtesy Catherine Marks and Terrence Marks, Roy Lee Johnson, Brian Poust and Greg Germani. Recordings courtesy John Ridley, Adam Leaver, Richard Lewis, Jason Kuczenski, and Brian Poust.

Thanks: Catherine Marks and Terrence Marks, Tanya Marks and the Marks family, Adam Leaver, Claude Boyd, Linus Rankins, Agnieszka Czeblakow, Tommy Stewart, Bill Wright, Roy Lee Johnson, Calvin Arnold, Tee Fletcher, GianLuca Honari, Katsuaki Sano, Hitoshi Takasawa, Naoya Yamauchi, Scott Craig and Jason Kuczenski

3LP, 2CD, Digital. Originally issued as part of the Now-Again Reserve Subscription Service. 2020. NA5197.