Out Now: Heliocentrics “Quatermass Sessions 1” EP – Grab a free mp3 here!

Heliocentrics Quatermass Sessions 1 EP available NOW via Now-Again Deluxe and on vinyl. Stream the EP at Soundcloud and download a free MP3 here!

Returning after their 13 Degrees of Reality album with a full on volley of psychedelic-funk songs first heard on Gaslamp Killer’s HELIO X GLK EP, the Heliocentrics offer nine tracks that Rolling Stone describe as “…sprawling, with percussive patterns that suddenly morph into extraterrestrial sound blasts and opaque, detouring patterns.” We couldn’t have said it better. This is the kind of EP that you would happily welcome as an album – and, you know what, in the future you might: as the title hints, this is probably only the beginning of The Heliocentrics’ excavations into the sonic experiments they entered into for years at their recently vacated Quatermass Studios.

We’re currently streaming the entire EP on our Soundcloud and, if that’s not enough, you can grab an MP3 download below – the Jeremy Steig inspired “The Five Thing.”

Download: “The Five Thing”
Subscribe Now: https://drip.fm/nowagain
If you missed it: Heliocentrics 13 Degrees of Reality on Rappcats.

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Heliocentrics X GLK Limited Edition Vinyl EP

Limited edition vinyl EP – HELIO GLK: The Gaslamp Killer chops, edits, echoes and scratches The Heliocentrics in two parts!

Earlier this year, we gave away a free download of the excellent Heliocentrics mix that our friend The Gaslamp Killer assembled out of selections from the band’s recent 13 Degrees of Reality album and previously unreleased tracks. We’re happy to announce that – at GLK’s request – it’s now available as a limited edition vinyl EP, for sale now at rappcats.com. What’s more – we’re putting together another EP so you can hear the full versions of the chopped, echoed, scratched and as-of-yet still unreleased killer material GLK has been listening to. It’ll be called The Quatermass Sessions Part One and we’ll tell you more about it soon. Watch this space!

Buy: HELIO GLK EP at Rappcats

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Heliocentrics on Tour – Japan/Sardinia/France

If you’ve not had the chance to see the Heliocentrics tour their new album 13 Degrees of Reality – well, we have some bad news for you: unless you live in Japan, Sardinia or France, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer. If, however, you live in one of these lovely countries, then you can check out the band in their live glory, probably in a setting like you see above, snapped last month on tour in France.

Saturday, August 10th @ Daikanyama Unit (Tokyo, Japan)
Info/tickets: Here.
Sunday, August 11th @ Aoyama Cay (Tokyo, Japan)
Info/tickets: Here.
Friday, August 23rd @ Sant’Anna Arresi Festival (Sardinia)
Info/tickets: Here.
Saturday, August 31st @ Les RDV de l’Erdre’ Festival (Nantes,France)
Info/tickets: Here.

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Video: Heliocentrics “Collateral Damage”

Try to figure this one out. An impressionist’s take on one of our favorites from the Helios’ 13 Degrees of Reality album, created by the good folks at the UK’s Plastic Horse.

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This July: Heliocentrics Live In London At Soundcrash

Have you ever seen the Heliocentrics live? Well, we won’t lie: we’ve only ever seen them as a trio, in Paris, of all places – as substitutes for Madlib, of all people – but damn was the power of that show enough to reverberate in our craniums until this day. So, with that said: if you happen to be within a reasonably priced plane or train ticket to London, you owe it to yourself to see them at Soundcrash this July 9th.

Buy Tickets: Heliocentrics at Soundcrash, July 9th.
Buy The Album: Heliocentrics 13 Degrees of Reality on Rappcats.

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