Various – Forge Your Own Chains

Now-Again | Oct. 13, 2009 | Catalog |

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1. Top Drawer: Song of a Sinner
2. Sensational Saints: How Great Thou Art
3. East of Underground: Smiling Faces Sometimes
4. D.R. Hooker: Forge Your Own Chains
5. Jang Hyun and Shin Jung Hyun: Twilight
6. T. Zchiew and The Johnny: Let Yourself Be Free
7. The Strangers: Two To Make A Pair
8. Damon : Don’t You Feel Me
9. Ellison: Strawberry Rain
10. Morly Grey: Who Can I Say You Are
11. Shadrack Chameleon: Don’t Let It Get You Down
12. Kourosh Yaghmaei: Hajm-e Khaali,
13. Ofege: It’s Not Easy
14. Ana Y Jaime: Nina Nana
15. Baby Grandmothers: Somebody’s Calling My Name

NA 5046 CD and 2 10″ LP. 2009.

Compilation produced, annotated and researched by: Egon
Liner notes by: Egon, except for the Ellison entry by Tim Perlich.

Restoration and remastering by Sean C., Traffic Entertainment Group, Boston.
Art direction by Matthew Boyd for Way Shape Form.

Download high res cover art here.

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