Via Sinecure Books: Spot’s SoCal Punk Paean “Sounds Of Two Eyes Opening”

If you haven’t gotten enough proto-punk with our Ngozi Family Day of Judgement release, have we got a fix for you. Our sister company, Sinecure Books (they behind the Enjoy the Experience book we’ve told you so much about), announced their fourth book: SST Records (Minutemen, Black Flag, etc) in house producer/engineer – and master photographer – Spot’s Sounds of Two Eyes Opening with a pre-sale of an exclusive, slipcased edition that comes with a hand-silkscreened 7,” poster and Spot photo print, only available at their webstore. The regular edition of the book was issued on Black Friday and is available anywhere good books are sold.

From Sinecure’s site: “Spanning the late 1960s through the early 1980s, Sounds of Two Eyes Opening offers an amazing portrait of SoCal coastal life: surfing, bikinis, roller skating and skate boarding’s fledgling days are set in contrast to iconic shots of the key denizens of hardcore California punk as it is being invented.”

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