Announcing: Rikki Ililonga and Musi-O-Tunya Dark Sunrise 2CD/3LP Anthology.

We mentioned to you that we were producing an anthology of Zambian “Zamrock” godfather Rikki Ililonga and his groundbreaking Musi-O-Tunya band. The anthology – as a 2 CD, hardbound book edition and a 3 LP box set – is now in production. The anthology surveys Musi-O-Tunya’s first 7″ singles – the first psychedelic rock music released in Zambia – their debut album Wings of Africa and follows Ililonga’s solo career in its first stages, with his Zambia and Sunshine Love albums.

This anthology is scheduled for a fall 2010 release.

A Prelude (Of Sorts!) To Our Nigerian Fuzz Funk Anthology: Soundways’ “The World Ends” Coming Soon (w/MP3s!)

Now-Again | Jun. 16, 2010 | News |

A while back, we told you about the anthology we’ve been working on in conjunction with Uchenna Ikonne (the man behind the perennially-dope Comb & Razor blog) and New-Zealand based psych-zealot Heavyfuzz. Well, it took Ikonne a bit longer in his home-country of Nigeria than he thought, but he’s back in the States with piles of 45s and LPs, stacks of licensing agreements and… an anthology of the same type of music that he’s assembled with Soundway Records.

Yes, you might think that we’d be a bit miffed but, if you know us well, you know that we view the quest to spread unheard-of sounds as a global-community-minded effort. That’s why we teamed up with Jazzman – instead of fighting tooth and nail for the same licenses of the same funk and soul tracks. And who wins? Well, the original artists who recorded the music first off – and then you, the consumer, as you get to hear more music than you would otherwise.

So…. on our Forge Your Own Chains anthology, you can check out The Strangers’ “It Takes Too To Make A Pair;” on Soundways’ The World Ends, you can catch The Strangers’ “Onye Ije.” And, while The World Ends focuses on the exquisite fuzz-driven “Deiyo Deiyo” by The Hykkers, we’ll release their Sly-Stone influenced “Stone The Flower.” See, we can all get along!

Download: The Hykkers “Deiyo Deiyo” from Soundway’s The World Ends here.
…. and if you missed them:
Download: The Strangers “It Takes Two To Make A Pair” here.
Download: Wrinkar Experience “Money To Burn” here.

Kashmere Stage Band Documentary – With KSB Alumni Performance – at LA Film Festival.

Now-Again | Jun. 15, 2010 | News |

Director Mark Landsman and Snoot Films’ Kashmere Stage Band documentary Thunder Soul is showing as part of the prestigious LA Film Festival at the Ford Ampitheater on Saturday June 26th at 8:30pm. The 1974 band – including powerhouse bassist Gerald Calhoun, drummer Craig Green and guitarist Earl Spiller, the band’s most funkiest rhythm section – will perform following the screening. This is NOT to be missed! Seriously. If you don’t live in the LA area, you should fly here… for real.

Get tickets here: LA Film Festival’s Kashmere Stage Band Page.

Download: Paul White Mix For BTS Radio

Now-Again | Jun. 11, 2010 | News |

Our homey Andrew Meza had this to say: “Manic when it comes to new creation, I was handed three CDs with over 150 beats the first time I met Paul White. His output has been at dizzying levels for years, it’s hard to imagine the number of archives he’s stored away.”


Cheech & Chong Intro
Paul White – My Guitar Whales
Paul White – Ancient Treasure Ft. Guilty Simpson (Assumin’ Remix)
Paul White – Wait For Me
Paul White – And Nico
Paul White – Pride
Paul White – Moonlight
Paul White – The Galaxy Window
Paul White – Synth March
Paul White – Versus The BBC
Paul White – Ancient Treasure Ft. Guilty Simpson (Day Off Remix)
Paul White – Dance Scene
Paul White – Right On
Paul White – Garfield’s New Thing
Paul White – The Doldrum
Paul White – Bernard Fevre Remix
Paul White – Back to My Roots
Paul White – Highlife
Paul White – A Gentle Freak
Paul White – Evasive Action
Paul White – Goes To Hollywood
Paul White – Marshen Signals
Paul White – Death Star
Paul White – Another Mind State
Paul White – Speed Racing
Pharoah Sanders – Hum Allah Hum Allah Hum Allah
Weather Report – The Elders
Laboratorium – Ikona
Clint Eastwood & General Saint – Can’t Take Another World War
Can – Hallelujah
Belle Epoque – Miss Broadway
Bo Hansson – Rabbit Music
Uele Kalabubu – Matata

Download: Paul White Guest Mix for BTS Radio.

Paul White and The Purple Brain Record Release Party In Los Angeles: June 13th

Now-Again | Jun. 9, 2010 | News |

DJs: Egon and the usual revolving door of people we ain’t gonna name. Our Paul White & The Purple Brain is out now; Madlib’s Medicine Show #6: The Brain Wreck Show will be out late June. We’ll have CD and Deluxe LPs of our Paul White album at this event.

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