Stark Reality – Acting, Thinking, Feeling

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This anthology produced, with liner notes and annotation by Eothen “Egon” Alapatt.
Original sessions produced by Monty Stark, Stark Reality, Ahmad Jamal and WGBH, Boston.

Restoration and remastering by Dave Cooley and Kelly Hibbert for Elysian Masters, Los Angeles, USA.
Master Tape Transfers by Len Horowitz at History of Recorded Sound, Los Angeles, CA.
Art direction by Errol Richardson for Busy Monster, Toronto, Canada.
Original photography by Jim Bourne and others.
Original artwork by Mehitabel Katze (AKA Mel Dietmier)

3CD Tracklist:

Disc One and Disc Two: Stark Reality Discovers Hoagy Carmichael’s Music Shop

Disc One:

Merry Go Round
Junkman’s Song (Carmichael)
Thirty Days Hath September (Carmichael)
The Whale (Carmichael)
The Old Prospector (Carmichael)
Grandfather Clock (Smith, Carmichael)
Cooking (Carmichael)
Shooting Stars (Fisher, Carmichael)

Disc Two:

Rocket Ship (Carmichael)
Dreams (Chute, Carmichael)
Blue Pillow (Abercrombie)
Swing High (Carmichael)
Clouds (Carmichael)
Traveling (Carmichael)
Bustin’ Out of Doors (Carmichael)
Comrades (Dean, Carmichael)
All You Need to Make Music (Stark)

Disc Three: Roller Coaster Ride (1969) and Acting, Thinking, Feeling.

Pretty Music (Neloms)
Nani (Morrison, Stark)
Roller Coaster Ride (Stark)
Too Much Tenderness (Stark)
Red Yellow Moonbeams (Stark)
Sunday’s Song (Stark)
On Being Black (Stark)
Red Yellow Moonbeams (Stark)
New World Generation (Morrison, Stark)
Prelude to Say Brother (Stark)
Theme to Say Brother (Stark)
Acting, Thinking, Feeling Pt. 1 (Stark)
Acting, Thinking, Feeling Pt. 2 (Stark)
Acting, Thinking, Feeling Pt. 3 (Stark)

LP Tracklist:

As above, except that each song appears on the album on which it was originally issued and bonus tracks are all contained on a separate album.

6LP/3CD. NA 5094. 2013.