Zamrock Archival Reissues

You’re probably a regular visitor to this site, so you probably already have our Dark Sunrise and We Intend To Cause Havoc! vinyl box sets. But, if you don’t, we have some bad news – we sold out. And we’re not making any more. That means, if you can’t find one at you local record store, or on your favorite online repository, you’re going to be stuck trawling eBay so you can get all of your Musi-O-Tunya, Rikki Ililonga, and WITCH fuzz-funk with detailed booklets packaged in handsome boxes and slipcases.

But fret not – we’ve made the most popular of the single LPs available in just that – single LP formats. No booklets, no download cards – just the straight archival issues of these Zamrock gems. These too are rather limited in supply. So if you want this Zambian music (re)packaged in its original format, you should get it now – after these sell out, it’s CD and digital only.

0 thoughts on “Zamrock Archival Reissues

  • milliondollars says:

    the hottest stuff on now again in my opinion, love those zam-rock reissue. absoultely essential…

  • Undergroundhero says:

    It’s too bad you guys just can’t keep this stuff in print on vinyl. Besides, everyone knows these are going to sound much better on vinyl than on cd anyway, due to the primitive nature of the recordings to begin with. With that said, obviously most of your fans you know here are vinyl enthusiasts. Hopefully, you can be encouraged to do more vinyl releases.

    Btw, have you ever considered doing the album by The Peace “Black Power”? Also, is there a street date for the Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family anthology? It would be cool if you guys did this like the Witch anthology, to where you just reissue them on a vinyl box set.


  • Undergroundhero says:

    Oh, and another issue I have is the fact that most of the Zam-Rock reissues that the vinyl reissues that Shadoks puts out is ridiculous in price, sometimes going for as much as over $40.00 for a domesticated release in the U.S.

    Frankly, I wish that Now-Again could just reissue the Shadoks vinyl reissues when they go out of print! Frankly, your guys prices are much more reasonable anyway to begin with! Shadoks is overrated! They come off as money grubbing thieves, when they try to sell reissues at collector’s market prices! I mean, for pete’s sake, this isn’t Ebay!


  • Hey UGH – we do have a reissue of The Peace’s LP in the works and we’re working on the Ngozi anthology now: it’s not clear exactly how we’ll do it just yet, but we’re thinking at the moment that one that splits the work that Paul Ngozi did and then following with the three albums that Chrissy Zebby Tembo made might be the way to go…. Thanks for checking in with us and for your comments.

  • Undergroundhero says:

    Hi, I have another question regarding the Witch vinyl reissue LP’s……

    How come Janet has not been reissued yet? I feel that the Janet album by Witch is totally underrated, but yet, still could still use a reissue for those of us who aren’t able to afford the Witch vinyl box.


  • Undergroundhero says:

    Oh, and another comment………

    Would you guys ever consider reissuing the Shark Move & Giant Step albums on vinyl? This is a very crucial chapter in the Benny Soebardja saga, and although it was commendable that Shadoks reissued the Shark Move material, they are just way too damn expensive! I believe you guys could make this material much more affordable, with just as good quality to boot!


  • Hey again UGH – we had to pick and choose with our WITCH LPs, and the first four were the most in-demand, so we went with those. Those 1000+ people that purchased the box set get a nice bonus of having two great LPs not available anywhere else. And yes, we have talked with Benny about the possibility of reissuing more of his music….

  • Undergroundhero says:

    It seems as though some record reissue labels have touched on the South African scene quite well, but the south African scene hasn’t been as well documented here in the United States domestically. Would Now-Again consider a reissue program of such psychedelic classics by bands such as Freedom’s Children or Mccully Workshop?

  • Allan kaunda says:

    I have a question..
    if someone has a collection of zamrock, where can that person sells those records or is there any buyers of zamrock?

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