Zamrock Archival Reissues

You’re probably a regular visitor to this site, so you probably already have our Dark Sunrise and We Intend To Cause Havoc! vinyl box sets. But, if you don’t, we have some bad news – we sold out. And we’re not making any more. That means, if you can’t find one at you local record store, or on your favorite online repository, you’re going to be stuck trawling eBay so you can get all of your Musi-O-Tunya, Rikki Ililonga, and WITCH fuzz-funk with detailed booklets packaged in handsome boxes and slipcases.

But fret not – we’ve made the most popular of the single LPs available in just that – single LP formats. No booklets, no download cards – just the straight archival issues of these Zamrock gems. These too are rather limited in supply. So if you want this Zambian music (re)packaged in its original format, you should get it now – after these sell out, it’s CD and digital only.

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