Free Download: Natural Yogurt Band Mix On Paris DJs

We have to shout out our friends at Paris DJs and Nicolas Ragonneau from Musique Impures for doing what we thought was the impossible: tracking down the fellas in the Natural Yogurt Band, bargaining for a mix (featuring our mutual hero Galt MacDermot, naturally), and getting some background info on their until-now-rather-anonymous project. Well done guys!

Download the Mix : Natural Yogurt Band at Paris DJs
Tracklist and More: Natural Yogurt Band at Paris DJs.

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Announcing – “Tuck In With…” The Natural Yogurt Band

In 2009 we reissued the Natural Yogurt Band’s first platter – Away With Melancholy. Originally released in a limited run of 1000 pieces by Gerald “Jazzman” Short, those records quickly disappeared and the Jazzman himself had no plans to offer another helping. The result? An audience searching for psychedelic “music library” vibes from the golden era of the 60s and 70s meticulously recreated in the new millennium were left starved.

Two years later, the Band (really former Little Barrie drummer Wayne Fullwood and Miles Newbold) presents to you another platter of delights: Tuck In With… The Natural Yogurt Band. With their sophomore album, Fullwood and Newbold serve up more of what made the Natural Yogurt Band’s debut so special: quirky irreverence abounds, but the band has expanded their menu to include a influences from around the globe.

This album is presented in double 10’’ gatefold LP format, and a “mini-LP” version on CD. Both jackets are paste-on, thick-cut cardboard cases covered by die-cut OBI strips, all placed within a plastic sleeve.

Although we reported differently earlier, due to production problems Tuck In With… The Natural Yogurt Band will be released worldwide on March 8th, 2011.

Buy: Tuck In With…. The Natural Yogurt Band at Rappcats.
Download: The Natural Yogurt Band “Eastern Outro”

Announcing “Tuck In With” The Natural Yogurt Band – Free MP3 Download

Yes, it’s a bit odd to announce an album by offering up their “outro” to the album – but in the case of the English oddballs that we call The Natural Yogurt Band it just seems fitting. So here we are with a groove that sounds eerily reminiscent of Nigerian fuzz funkers Ofo and The Black Company’s “Allah Waakbar” – “Eastern Outro.”

Tuck In With… The Natural Yogurt Band is to be released in February 2011.

Download: The Natural Yogurt Band “Eastern Outro”

Natural Yogurt Band – Tuck In With…

Written and performed by: The Natural Yogurt Band except “Fruit Juice For Everyone” by The Sign Of 4.
Produced and engineered by: Miles Newbold, at The Chicken Shack, Nottingham, UK (
tel: +44 (0)7968 587 193

Miles Newbold: keyboards, vibraphone, flutes, percussion, kalimba, vocals, effects.
Wayne Fullwood: drums, bass, vocals.

Executive Producer: Gerald Short
Produced for issue by: Egon

Mastered by Will C. for Traffic Entertainment Group
Art direction by Errol F. Richardson.

1 Weak Without Wine 2:39
2 Invisible Ink 2:37
3 Eastern Promise 3:36
4 A Romance in Blue 4:05
5 Seven and Eights 1:39
6 Egg and Spoon 2:04
7 Tweed Suit 3:12
8 Horn 1:58
9 Forever Drowning 3:11
10 Pot Head 2:49
11 Clocks 5:11
12 Psalm 1:53
13 Eastern Outro 1:24
14 The Sign of 4 – Fruit Juice for Everyone 4:54 (bonus track)
15 – 33 Biscuits

CD and 2×10″ LP. 2011. NA 5078.